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V35(3) Fall / automne, 2009 Use of Social Software to Address Literacy and Identity Issues in Second Language Learning Abstract   HTML
Jill Hutchinson
V24(2) Summer / été, 1995 Using a Transactionist Model in Evaluating Distance Education Programs Details
Mary F. Kennedy, Blair W. Kettle
V29(3) Fall / automne, 2003 Using Activity Theory to Design Constructivist Online Learning Environments for Higher Order Thinking: A Retrospective Analysis Abstract   HTML
Dirk Morrison
V32(1) Winter / hiver, 2006 Using asynchronous online discussion to learn introductory programming: An exploratory analysis Abstract   HTML
Robin Kay
V15(3) Summer / été, 1986 Using Brunerian Learning Theory with Educational Simulations to Teach Concepts Abstract   PDF
Laura R. Winer, Richard F. Schmid
Vol 39, No 3 (2013) Using cloud-computing applications to support collaborative scientific inquiry: Examining pre-service teachers’ perceived barriers towards integration / Utilisation d'applications infonuagiques pour appuyer la recherche scientifique collaborative Abstract   PDF
Joel Donna, Brant G Miller
V35(1) Winter / hiver, 2009 Using Interactive Technology to Disseminate Research Findings to a Diverse Population Abstract   HTML
Denise Stockley, Wanda Beyer, Nancy Hutchinson, Jennifer DeLugt, Peter Chin, Joan Versnel, Hugh Munby
V17(2) Spring / printemps, 1988 Using Pilot Projects to Train Staff in Instructional Development Agencies: A Videotex Example Details
Barbara Florini, Robert Pearson
Vol 39, No 4 (2013) Using Tablet Computers with Elementary School Students with Special Needs: The Practices and Perceptions of Special Education Teachers and Teacher Assistants / Utilisation des tablettes électroniques avec des enfants d’école primaire à besoins spéciaux Abstract   PDF
Genevieve Marie Johnson
Vol 38, No 1 (2012) Using the Spanish Online Resource Aula Virtual de Español (AVE) to Promote a Blended Teaching Approach in High School Spanish Language Classrooms / Utilisation de la ressource en ligne espagnole AVE pour favoriser l’approche de l’enseignement hybride Abstract   PDF
Martine Pellerin, Carlos Soler Montes
V33(2) Spring / printemps, 2007 Using video in teacher education Abstract   HTML
Jo Towers
V35(3) Fall / automne, 2009 Using Videoconferencing to Provide Mentorship in Inquiry-Based Urban and Rural Secondary Classrooms Abstract   HTML
Qing Li, Patti Dyjur, Natalya Nicholson, Lynn Moorman
V24 (1) Spring / printemps, 1995 Using Video-On-Demand For Educational Purposes: Observations from a Three Month Experiment Details
Pierre C. Bélanger, Sébastien Clément
V34(2) Spring / printemps, 2008 Utilizing peer interactions to promote learning through a web-based peer assessment system Abstract   HTML
Lan Li, Allen L. Steckelberg, Sribhagyam Srinivasan
V33(3) Fall / automne, 2007 Video-based multimedia designs: A research study testing learning effectiveness Abstract   HTML
David Reiss
Vol 13, No 2 (1984) Videotex as a Tool for Health Promotion Abstract   PDF
Michel Bourque, Robert Perreault
V27(3), 1999 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, Richard F. Lewis
V27(2) Winter/ hiver, 1999 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editors, Richard F. Lewis, David A. Mappin
V27 (1) Spring / printemps, 1998 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V26(3) Winter/ hiver, 1997 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V26(2) Summer / été, 1997 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V26 (1) Spring / printemps, 1997 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V25(3) Winter/ hiver, 1996 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V25(2) Summer / été, 1996 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
V25 (1) Spring / printemps, 1996 View Entire Issue Details   PDF
Editor, David A. Mappin
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