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V20(2) Summer / été, 1991 A review of Instructional Design: Implications from Cognitive Science Details
Beverley Park
V18 (1) Winter / hiver, 1989 A review of Instructional Facilities for the Information Age Details
Gary Boyd
V19(2) Summer / été, 1990 A review of Interactive Media: Working Methods and Practical Applications (1st Edition) Details
Penelope Anne Nicholson
V18(3) Fall / automne, 1989 A review of Interactive Video Details
Som Naidu
V23 (1) Spring / printemps, 1994 A review of Internet: Getting Started Details
Diane P. Janes
V23(3) Winter/ hiver, 1994 A review of Internet: Mailing Lists Details
Diane P. Janes
V27(3), 1999 A review of Inventeering A Problem-Solving Approach to Teaching Technology Grades 1-8 Details
Paul Laing
V24(3) Winter/ hiver, 1995 A review of Kids, Computers & You Details
Gary Karlsen
V16(4) Fall / automne, 1987 A review of L’école devant les écrans (The School in Front of the Screens) Details
Pierre Bélanger
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 A review of L’éducation pour la santé Details
Cécile Michaud
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 A review of L’elaboration systématique d’un plan d’enseignment Details
Gordon Trueblood
V31(2) Spring / printemps, 2005 A review of Learning by Doing, A Comprehensive Guide to Simulations, Computer Games, and Pedagogy in e-Learning and other Educational Experiences Details   HTML
Katrin Becker
V25(3) Winter/ hiver, 1996 A review of Learning Networks: A Field Guide to Teaching and Learning Online Details
Jean-Marc Guillemette
V20 (1) Winter / hiver, 1991 A review of Managing Interactive Video/Multimedia Projects Details
Richard A. Schwier
V17(2) Spring / printemps, 1988 A review of Mass Communication in Canada Details
Denis Hlynka
V23 (1) Spring / printemps, 1994 A review of Messages, Meanings and Culture: Approaches to Communication Criticism Details
Richard F. Lewis
Vol 41, No 3 (2015) A review of models and frameworks for designing mobile learning experiences and environments Abstract   PDF
Yu-Chang Hsu, Yu-Hui Ching
V22(3) Winter/ hiver, 1993 A review of Modern Video Production: Tools, Techniques, Applications Details
Brian Cahill
V23(3) Winter/ hiver, 1994 A review of Multimedia for Learning Details
Brian D. Kerr
V31(2) Spring / printemps, 2005 A review of Online Collaborative Learning: Theory and Practice Details   HTML
David E Francis
V19(3) Fall / automne, 1990 A review of Opening Minds: The Evolution of Videodiscs and Interactive Learning Details
Jonathon Marsh
V27 (1) Spring / printemps, 1998 A review of Orchestrating multimedia: An introduction to planning and storyboarding Details
Katy Campbell
V24 (1) Spring / printemps, 1995 A review of Planning, Producing, and Using Instructional Technologies (7th Edition) Details
John Godfreyson
V16(1) Winter / hiver, 1987 A review of Practical Guide to Computers in Education Details
Arnold Keller
V22(2) Summer / été, 1993 A review of Preparing Instructional Text – Document Design Using Desktop Publishing Details
William R. Hanson
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