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V28(3) Fall / automne, 2002 Research Reports / Rapports de recherche Details   HTML
Ismael Rumzan, Elizabeth Hanlis
V28(2) Spring / printemps, 2002 Research Reports / Rapports de recherche Details   HTML
Heather Kanuka
V18 (1) Winter / hiver, 1989 Research Technique - The Slope Test: Applications in Formative Evaluation Details
Jon Baggaley, Aaron-Henry Brauer
V34(1) Winter / hiver, 2008 Researching technology education: Methods and techniques. (2008). H. Middleton (Ed.). Rotterdam, Holland: Sense. 219 pages. ISBN: 978-90-8790-260-5 Details   HTML
Kelly Edmonds
V16(3) Summer / été, 1987 Resistance to Planned Change: A Training Design Case Study Details
Lynn McAlpine
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - Fashioning the Future Educational Technology: An Invitation Details
Don Beckwith
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - Mitchell’s Wake Details
Andrew Agostino
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - Revitalizing Educational Technology: A Response to Mitchell Details
William D. Winn
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - The Death of Educational Technology Has Been Greatly Exaggerated Details
Michael J. Hannafin
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - The Future of Educational Technology is Past: A Reaction Details
Gerald M. Torkelson
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - The Upcoming of Learning Technology Details
Philippe Duchastel
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - There Are No Ends, Only Means Details
Steven T. Kerr
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 Response - Total Educational Technology (TET): Challenging Current Limits Details
Ivor K. Davies
Vol 11, No 3 (1982) Review of Teaching as a Conserving Activity Abstract   PDF
Patricia A.D. Lewis
V15(3) Summer / été, 1986 Review: A Critical Look at CJEC, Vol. 15. No.1 Abstract   PDF
G. Robert McNutt
V24(3) Winter/ hiver, 1995 "Sam's Cafe ": A Case Study of Computer Conferencing as a Medium for Collective Journal Writing Details
Elizabeth Yeoman
V35(2) Spring / printemps, 2009 School cultures, teachers, and technology transformation Abstract   HTML
Andrew D. Kitchenham
V34(1) Winter / hiver, 2008 Science and math teachers as Instructional Designers: Linking ID to the ethic of caring Abstract   HTML
Ellen Rose, Kate Tingley
Vol 39, No 3 (2013) Screen capture technology: A digital window into students' writing processes / Technologie de capture d’écran: une fenêtre numérique sur le processus d’écriture des étudiants Abstract   PDF
Jeremie Seror
V29(1) Winter / hiver, 2003 Seeking Information for School Purposes on the Internet Abstract   HTML
Holly Gunn, Gary Hepburn
V29(3) Fall / automne, 2003 Self-Regulated Inquiry with Networked Resources Abstract   HTML
John C. Nesbit, Philip H. Winne
V22 (1) Spring / printemps, 1993 Setting an Agenda for Training Details
Gary Bazalgette
V32(1) Winter / hiver, 2006 Shadow netWorkspace: An open source intranet for learning communities Abstract   HTML
James M Laffey, Dale Musser
Vol 39, No 2 (2013) Shape Shifting Smart Phones: Riding the Waves in Education / Téléphones intelligents à géométrie variable : leur mise à profit en éducation supérieure Abstract   PDF
Peggy Jubien
Vol 39, No 4 (2013) Shifting Views: Exploring the Potential for Technology Integration in Early Childhood Education Programs / Changement d’opinion: Exploration du potentiel d’intégration de la technologie dans les programmes d’éducation de la petite enfance Abstract   PDF
Beverlie Dietze, Diane Kashin
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