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Shervey, Gail
Sicoly, Fiore
Siko, Jason Paul, Grand Valley State University
Siliauskas, Gina
Simand, Bernard
Simard, Stéphanie
Simons, P. R. J.
Sinclair, Gerri
Sindell, Peter
Sisco, Ashley, Research Associate, Centre for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children, Western University Owner & Principal Consultant, White Buffalo Consulting Inc.
Skaalid, Bonnie
Sketches, Denise
Smith, Erika, University of Alberta
Smith, Inger
Smits, Han
Snelson, Chareen, Boise State University
Snow, Catherine, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
Snow, Kathy, Cape Breton University
Sobon, Sonia A
Soler Montes, Carlos, Instituto Cervantes of Albuquerque (New Mexico)
Somers, Judy
Song, Hae-Deok
Soudack, Avi
Soudack, Avishai
Specht, Jacqueline, Huron University College

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