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Hehn, Heidi
Henderson, Lyn (Canada)
Heng, Pheng
Henri, France (Canada)
Henrickson, Jeni, Learning Technologies Media Lab College of Education & Human Development University of Minnesota (United States)
Henry, Jim, University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Henry, Karen
Hepburn, Gary
Herro, Dani C., Clemson University (United States)
Hezel, Richard T. (Canada)
Hiradhar, Preet, Lingnan University (Hong Kong)
Hirst, Sandra
Hlynka, D. (Canada)
Hlynka, Denis, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba (Canada)
Hlynka, Denis (Canada)
Hlynka, Denis
Hoein, Sergio, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
Hoessler, Carolyn
Hofsink, Clarence, University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)
Hogan, Neil R., University of Alberta (Canada)
Holt, Peter (Canada)
Hong, Huang-Yao, National Chengchi University (Taiwan, Province of China)
Hong, Huang-Yao
Hose, Ian
Hovey, Angela, Pace Consulting Group, Pace Homecare, Pace Physiotheraphy (Canada)

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