V36(1) Fall / automne, 2010

Table of Contents


A Brief History of Knowledge Building PDF
Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter
Knowledge Building and Mathematics: Shifting the Responsibility for Knowledge Advancement and Engagement PDF
Joan Moss, Ruth Beatty
Developing Deep Understanding and Literacy while Addressing a Gender-Based Literacy Gap PDF
Yanqing Sun, Jianwei Zhang, Marlene Scardamalia
Social Network Analysis to Examine Interaction Patterns in Knowledge Building Communities PDF
Donald N. Philip
Partnerships for Knowledge Building: An Emerging Model PDF
Thérèse Laferrière, Mireia Montane, Begona Gros, Isabel Alvarez, Merce Bernaus, Alain Breuleux, Stéphane Allaire, Christine Hamel, Mary Lamon
Knowledge Society Network: Toward a Dynamic, Sustained Network for Building Knowledge Untitled () PDF
Huang-Yao Hong, Marlene Scardamalia, Jianwei Zhang
Understanding the nature of science and scientific progress: A theory-building approach PDF
Maria Chuy, Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter, Fleur Prinsen, Monica Resendes, Richard Messina, Winifred Hunsburger, Chris Teplovs, Angela Chow
Early Development of Graphical Literacy through Knowledge Building PDF
Yongcheng Gan, Marlene Scardamalia, Huang-Yao Hong, Jianwei Zhang
Towards a Knowledge Building Community: From Guided to Self-Organized Inquiry PDF
Stefano Cacciamani
Beyond Learning Management Systems: Designing for Interprofessional Knowledge Building in the Health Sciences Untitled () PDF
Leila Lax, Marlene Scardamalia, Judy Watt-Watson, Judith Hunter, Carl Bereiter
Can Children Really Create Knowledge? PDF
Carl Bereiter, Marlene Scardamalia
Related Readings PDF
Michele Jacobsen


A Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology on Knowledge Building PDF
Michele Jacobsen

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