V15(2) Spring / printemps, 1986

Table of Contents


Effective Use of Computer Graphics in CAI: A Review of the Literature
Gina Siliauskas
Facts About Unlicensed Use of ½” Videocassette Productions in the Classroom
Donna M. Lavoie
Extracting Training Implications from Multi-Component Needs Assessments: Extension of the R-C-D Model
Richard A. Schwier
The Development of VITAL: A Microcomputer-Based Videotex Teaching and Learning System for Education
George A. B. Moore
Alternative Approaches and Guidelines for Conducting Needs Assessments
Hanna Mayer

Book Review

A review of The Canadian Encyclopedia
Denis Hlynka
A review of The Videotex and Teletext Handbook – Home and Office Communication Using Microcomputers and Terminals
Gary Boyd

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Robert M. Bernard