V16(1) Winter / hiver, 1987

Table of Contents


Perspective: Theoretical Bases for Research in Media
Gerald M. Torkelson
Evaluating Educational Software Authoring Environments Using a Model Based on Software Engineering and Instructional Design Principles
Betty Collis, Marilyn Gore
The Formative Evaluation of a University Videotext System
Richard T. Hezel, Karen R. Miller
How Costly are Computer-Based Instructional Systems? A Look at Two Approaches
George A.B. Moore
Profile: The Importance of Involving Experts and Learners in Formative Evaluation
Cynthia B. Weston
Profile: The Status of Media Centres in Canadian Universities
Esio Marzotto

Book Review

A review of Television Production Handbook
Rose Bene
A review of Practical Guide to Computers in Education
Arnold Keller

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Robert M. Bernard