V18 (1) Winter / hiver, 1989

Table of Contents


Perspective - The Future of Educational Technology is Past
P. David Mitchell
Modifying the Regulation Process of Learning: Two Exploratory Training Studies
P. R. J. Simons
Profile - Applications and Implications of Distance Education: Manitoba
Bernard Simand
Profile - Televised Instruction for Post-Secondary Education in Quebec
Gilles Carrier, Mark Schoefield
Research Technique - The Slope Test: Applications in Formative Evaluation
Jon Baggaley, Aaron-Henry Brauer

Book Review

A review of Instructional Facilities for the Information Age
Gary Boyd
A review of A Reappmiaal of Instructional Television
Jon Baggaley
A review of Educational Technology: The Closing-In or the Opening-Out of Curriculum and Instruction
Cheryl Amundsen

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Robert M. Bernard