V18(2) Summer / été, 1989

Table of Contents


Can Instructional Variables Be Combined Effectively to Enhance Learning Achievement?
Judith L. Amato, Robert M. Bernard, Miranda D’Amico, Beite DeBellefeuille
Improving Idea Generation During Decision Making in Small Group Computer Conferences
Norman P. Archer
Response - Mitchell’s Wake
Andrew Agostino
Response - Fashioning the Future Educational Technology: An Invitation
Don Beckwith
Response - Total Educational Technology (TET): Challenging Current Limits
Ivor K. Davies
Response - The Upcoming of Learning Technology
Philippe Duchastel
Response - The Death of Educational Technology Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Michael J. Hannafin
Response - There Are No Ends, Only Means
Steven T. Kerr
Response - The Future of Educational Technology is Past: A Reaction
Gerald M. Torkelson
Response - Revitalizing Educational Technology: A Response to Mitchell
William D. Winn

Book Review

A review of Decoding Discrimination: A Student-based Approach
Denis Hlynka
A review of L’éducation pour la santé
Cécile Michaud
A review of Developing Competent Health Workers: A Handbook for Designing Education and Training Programs
Gordon Trueblood
A review of L’elaboration systématique d’un plan d’enseignment
Gordon Trueblood

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Robert M. Bernard