V19(3) Fall / automne, 1990

Table of Contents


Integrating Research into Instructional Practice: The Use and Abuse of Meta-Analysis
Robert M. Bernard, Som Naidu
Effect of Presentation Mode and Students’ Prior Knowledge on Achievement (Visual/Verbal Testing) of Different Educational Objectives
Francis M. Dwyer, Carol A. Dwyer
THERMEX: An Educational Expert System for Thermodynamics Students
B. Marcos, K. Lundgren, A. Boily, L. Thérien, J. Lapointe, M. Veillette
An Anthropological View of Educational Communications and Technology: Beliefs and Behaviors in Research and Theory
Andrew R. J. Yeaman

Book Review

A review of Visuals for Information Research and Practice
Earl R. Misanchuk
A review of Opening Minds: The Evolution of Videodiscs and Interactive Learning
Jonathon Marsh

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Richard A. Schwier