V24 (1) Spring / printemps, 1995

Table of Contents


The Mythology of Colour in Multimedia Screen Design: Art, Science, and Connoisseurship
Earl R. Misanchuk, Richard A. Schwier
Learning Strategies for Interactive Multimedia Instruction: Applying Linear and Spatial Notetaking
Eileen E. Schroeder, Richard F. Kenny
Engagement as a Design Concept for Multimedia
Richard Jacques, Jenny Preece, Tom Carey
Using Video-On-Demand For Educational Purposes: Observations from a Three Month Experiment
Pierre C. Bélanger, Sébastien Clément

Book Review

A review of Planning, Producing, and Using Instructional Technologies (7th Edition)
John Godfreyson
A review of Computer-Based Integrated Learning Systems
Blair W. Kettle

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, Mary F. Kennedy