V24(2) Summer / été, 1995

Table of Contents


Learner Involvement: A Review of the Elements of More Effective Distance Education
T. Jones, E. Schieman
Motion Curricula and Non-Motion Curricula in Distance Education: Technology Selection Reconsidered
Darcy Walsh Hardy, Michael D. Abbiatti, Judy C. Ashcroft
Learning Together at a Distance
Michelle Savard, Sidney N. Mitchell, Philip C. Abrami, Maria Corso
Successful Electronic Distance Collaboration: The Importance of Social Negotiation
Phil Black
The Perceptions and Needs of Faculty in Distance Education Courses in a Conventional University
Margaret Landstrom
Using a Transactionist Model in Evaluating Distance Education Programs
Mary F. Kennedy, Blair W. Kettle


Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Distance Education
Dan O. Coldeway

Book Review

A review of Preparing Materials for Open, Distance, and Flexible Learning: An Action
Dennis M. Mulcahy
A review of Educational Programmes on Television: Deficiencies, Support, Chances
Judy Somers

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, David A. Mappin