V25(2) Summer / été, 1996

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Is Research in New Technology Caught In the Same Old Trap? (Vol15, No. 3, 1986)
Robert M. Bernard
Theoretical Bases for Research in Media (Vol16, No. 1, 1987)
G. M. Torkelson
The Future of Educational Technology (Vol17, No. 1, 1988)
Don Beckwith
The Future of Educational Technology is Past (Vol18, No. 1, 1989)
P. David Mitchell
Television: The Medium, The Message and Nutritional Health
Laurie A. Wadsworth
Navigating Backward: Concrete vs. Abstract Representation in Hypertext Buttons
Elizabeth Boling, Kira S. King, Dale Evers, Yu-Chen Hsu, Jiunde Lee, Ted Frick


Silver Anniversary Retrospectives
David Mappin

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, David A. Mappin