V25(3) Winter/ hiver, 1996

Table of Contents


Emancipative Educational Technology (Vol16, No. 2, 1987)
Gary M. Boyd
High Definition Television: New Perceptual Cognitive and Aesthetic Challenges (Vol20, No. 2, 1991)
Nikos Metallinos
Effective Use of Computer Graphics in CAI: A Review of the Literature (Vol15, No. 1, 1986)
Gina Siliauskas
Media Technology Perspectives and Their Curriculum Implications for Media Education
Alice Yuet Lin Lee
Toulmin ‘s Moral Reasoning Model Applied to Ethical Internet Choices: A Means for Exercising Ethical Technology Leadership
Eugene Kowch, Keith Walker


Silver Anniversary Retrospectives
David Mappin

Book Review

A review of Critical Issues in Qualitative Research
Mary F. Kennedy
A review of Learning Networks: A Field Guide to Teaching and Learning Online
Jean-Marc Guillemette

Canadian Journal of Educational Communication (1982 – 2002)

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Editor, David A. Mappin