V34(1) Winter / hiver, 2008

Table of Contents


Ellen Rose, Kate Tingley
Genevieve Marie Johnson, Korbla P. Puplampu
Sonia Lefebvre, Colette Deaudelin, Jean Loiselle
Robin H. Kay, Liesel Knaack
Jim Henry, Jeff Meadows
Sandrine Turcotte, Christine Hamel


Editorial – Exploring the idea of a participatory social, academic and political Web 2.0
Michele Jacobsen

Book Review

Ten steps to complex learning: A systematic approach to four-component Instructional Design. 2007. Jeroen J. G.. van Merriënboer & Paul Kirschner. London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. 306 pages. ISBN: 9780805857931
Eugene Kowch
Researching technology education: Methods and techniques. (2008). H. Middleton (Ed.). Rotterdam, Holland: Sense. 219 pages. ISBN: 978-90-8790-260-5
Kelly Edmonds