From Intent to Action: An Iterative Engineering Process | De l’intention à la maturité : une ingénierie itérative

  • Patrice Mouton Université de Rennes
  • Jacques Rodet Université de Rennes
  • Sylvain Vacaresse Université de Rennes


Quite by chance, and over the course of a few haphazard meetings, a Master’s degree in E-learning Design gradually developed in a Faculty of Economics. Its original and evolving design was the result of an iterative process carried out, not by a single Instructional Designer (ID), but by a full ID team. Over the last 10 years it has been successfully delivered by focusing on its strengths: the tutorial system, synchronous-mode online learning, collaborative work, and the supervision of professional projects. However, its success has led to new issues such as larger groups of enrolled students, program diversification, and internationalization.
Online Learning from the Instructional Designer’s Perspective: Canadian and European French-language Case Studies