A Review of What Instructional Designers Do: Questions Answered and Questions Not Asked

Richard Kenny, Zuochen Zhang, Richard Schwier, Katy Campbell


The purpose of this literature review was to determine what evidence there is that instructional designers apply ID Models, as well as to establish what other activities and processes they might use in their professional activities. Only ten articles were located that directly pertained to this topic: seven reporting on empirical research and three case descriptions recounting development experiences. All ten papers pertained to process-based ID models. Results showed that, while instructional designers apparently do make use of process-based ID models, they do not spend the majority of their time working with them nor do they follow them in a rigid fashion. They also engage in a wide variety of other tasks that are not reflected in ID models.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21432/T2JW2P

Copyright (c) 2005 Richard Kenny, Zuochen Zhang, Richard Schwier, Katy Campbell

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